On Monday, May 10th, 2010, Tim Wallace-Murphy lectured at the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library of the Grand Lodge of New York. The lecture was based on his book Hidden Wisdom: Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Join the resolute seeker of truth: NightVisionRadio host René Barnett learns about the history of the Knights Templar an interview with author Tim Wallace-Murphy.

The earliest reference to alchemy that Tim Wallace-Murphy came across was found when he was examining the complex belief system of Ancient Egypt. One of the prime beliefs of that time was that the two Kingdoms of Egypt formed the living Temple of God wherein man could perfect himself by an alchemical process. That alchemical process, which sustained the Egyptian Empire for more than a millennium, was a form of Initiatory and Transformative Spirituality.

Tim Wallace-Murphy, a noted speaker, scholar, physician, psychologist and great humanitarian speaks to Dr.Marion Ross from Shiftyourlife.com about Spirituality, the Templars and the Freemasons.

For thousands of years there have been secret gatherings of men who claim to hold a sacred truth; they survived religious and State intolerance and still exist to this day. Many are members, but do all know the arcane truths that fostered their brotherhoods? In this film we hear from Templar and Freemason expert, Tim Wallace-Murphy. His decades of research and membership of the Freemasons has brought him into contact with the profound esoteric truths held secret for so long.

Tim Wallace Murphy, Biblical & Medieval scholar, expert in the Templars author of a dozen books including several on Rosslyn Chapel shares his passion and expertise with the Shift Doctors; explaining how this sacred spot is a haven for all spiritual cultures.

Tim Wallace Murphy, Biblical & Medieval scholar, expert in the Templars in an interview with the Shift Doctors shares his passion of Chartes Cathedral. He makes it come alive as a spiritual place you don’t want to miss!

Tim Wallace-Murphy talks about his new book Rex Deus, interviewed in Vence, south of France.

The spiritual search started as part of early man‘s history continues today; this presentation is a follow-up to Tim‘s keynote address: Cracking the Symbol Code. He will explore the guide to initiation encoded in the works of alchemy and esoteric traditions. These instructions can be found in many guises, Alchemy, the Great Work and the Search for the Holy Grail and indicators of them are to be found symbolized in Church iconography, art and medieval literature.

The author of Cracking the Symbol Code, Tim Wallace Murphy, interviewed in London; in this extract, Tim talks about his own research into the Bloodline idea, the real Priory of Sion and the historical Jesus.

Tim Wallace Murphy, Biblical & Medieval scholar, expert in the Templars, author of many books in an interview with the Shift Doctors tells us why Rennes le Chateau in the Southwest of France is such an incredible place. He describes this epicentre of Cathar Country as Disneyland for adults, a mysterious and wonderfully spiritual spot.