Rosslyn: Guardians of the Secrets of the Holy Grail
by Tim Wallace-Murphy, Marilyn Hopkins (1999)

This is the compelling story of the mysterious chapel at Rosslyn in Scotland.Rosslyn is the first book to explore the existence of a configuration of seven pre-Christian sites which formed the route of a pilgrimage of initiation used by Druids, Knights Templar and Christian mystics in their search for true knowledge and enlightenment. Beginning at Compostela in Spain, the voyage of discovery proceeds to Toulouse, Orleans, Chartres, Paris and Amiens in France, taking us deep into a mysterious world where hidden streams of spirituality flow beneath the surface of European history, profoundly influencing the evolution of Western thought. The journey ends at Rosslyn, where the history of its founders, the Sinclair family, sheds light on the revelations of Rosslyn and their significance for us today.

Today, stone carvings on the walls, and ceilings reveal traces of Pagan, Christian, Masonic, Templar and Islamic presence. According to legend, the Knights Templar brought priceless treasures to be hidden in the chapel. Rosslyn takes the reader on a voyage of discovery into the world of the Druids, Templars and Christian mystics which ends in revelations already hinted at in previous titles in the Grail genre.

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